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The Body Can Heal With The Help Of Therapists

After an injury, you may feel like you’re never going to be healthy again. With the help of a physical therapist, a body can regain its mobility, flexibility, and strength. Brain injuries can also be rehabilitated with the help of a therapist. A specially designed plan is custom tailored to your needs. Although you’re injured and are in pain now, a therapist can improve your quality of life. Therapy is for any age of individual. An individual that has impairments of the body, structure or participation restrictions can benefit from therapy. Muscles and nerves and so intertwined that a therapist will evaluate the entire body and not just one location. The neuromuscular, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and integumentary systems could be affected by an injury.

Physical Therapy takes place at an office. Some exercises or activities may be given to perform at home on the days a patient isn’t at therapy. A therapist has a unique understanding of the body and how it should function. They may recommend a patient receive massage therapy to increase the blood flow to damaged muscles. Also, massage therapy can break up scar tissue left in a muscle after an injury. After the scar tissue begins to heal, they will give a patient strengthening exercises to start their healing process. Another technique they will use is electro stimulation. Small amounts of electrical current will be sent into the muscle to improve the healing process.


Irritated nerves can develop because of the spine or neck being out of position. Chiropractic treatments can alleviate a disc from creating friction on a nerve that causes pain, discomfort, and numbness. During or after chiropractic treatment, physical therapy will take place. There are other things that can cause an individual to have limited mobility, strength, and pain. Joint degeneration can cause severe pain in many patients. Pain from the joints can occur in any location of the body but usually, occurs in the back. Individuals can benefit from therapy for jaw pain which is also called TMJ.

Individuals that that suffer from sports injuries can obtain relief from pain after an injury or surgery. Colorado Springs physical therapy clinic can treat pain and the source of it. They will test for weakness or stiffness throughout the body that could be adding undue stress to an injured area. They will treat the area with soothing therapy and certain exercises to reduce the inflammation. A physical therapist will determine if a patient will benefit from heat or ice therapy. If you’re suffering from pain, contact a therapist today.